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Teaching Points Vol 1

Teaching Points and Quotes

This volume is pulled from the commentary done on the 2014 Relief Society and Priesthood manual. All the commentary is listed under the individual lesson section headings. This makes it a great reference book for talking points to lead a discussion or to find quotes based on certain topics to give a lesson or write a talk. Future volumes will be added at the Church goes through more of the teachings of the prophets. Volume 1 is 97 pages of reference material.


Laws of AgencyThe Five Laws of Agency

Agency is one of those principles in the Church that we all know by a short quip, “the right to choose,” but not by much else. Our right to choose caused a war in heaven that has been carried down to earth with us. It is the battle for our souls that continues to rage all around us every day of our lives. All of it is based upon, and is manipulated through the use of our agency.

This PDF file covers such topics as
– The origins of our agency
– Agency and opposition
– God’s use of agency in judgment
– Agency as a principle of power
and much more.