Purpose of Missionary

I wrote a series of four short articles based on the material in Preach My Gospel, from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These articles were originally published at www.perparetoserve.com. There are many things a missionary must do and be, but the official manual the missionaries study out of outlines four main responsibilities. I address this article directly to the prospective missionary.

(The links below take you to the original articles, but the updated articles have been brought together into one larger article in the paragraphs below.)

They are to be 

  1. The Lord’s Mouthpiece
  2. An Example
  3. A Representative
  4. And a Servant.

These responsibilities are not necessarily in order of importance, but they all need to be in the list. 

1. Being the Lord’s Mouthpiece

When the Savior began his ministry he chose missionaries called the Seventy to go out two by two and preach the gospel and prepare the minds of the people for his coming. There are considerably more missionaries now, but the objective hasn’t changed. Missionaries are the Lord’s authorized servants. They preach the word of the Lord, and that is why they are referred to as being His mouthpiece. Once you are set apart as a missionary you will teach the people what he would teach if he were in your place.

The message is simple, and never changes. People are taught

  1. to believe in his teachings
  2. exercise faith by repenting
  3. and make covenants with God by being baptized into his Church
  4. so they can receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

We simplify this by saying we preach faith, repentance, and baptism for the gift of the Holy Ghost. But why does it take an official representative of the Lord to preach this?

Anyone can preach faith and repentance and have a measure of the Holy Ghost bear witness of the truth, but it takes someone set apart by the authorized priesthood authority of God to preach faith and repentance, and have the full weight of the Holy Ghost bear witness that what you teach is the truth. That is what separates the Lord’s missionaries from all other preachers of religion. You will have the Holy Ghost to bear witness to their souls that what you are telling them is the truth. This is where your power comes from. This is what converts people.

Your education level does not convert. Your fancy words will not convert. It is your humble testimony as an authorized servant of God that will bring the power of the Holy Ghost into your conversation and he will transfer the knowledge of your testimony into the hearts of those who listen to you. The more worthy you are, and the more obedient you are, the more power your testimony will carry to the hearts of those you have been called to serve.