like our sunRealizations often come as visual puzzle pieces that suddenly just seem to fit together. This piece is about how our Savior is like our Sun. I hope I can convey my realization to you in a way that makes sense. It was profound to me.

We have always been told that all things testify of Christ. I have looked and looked to find these connections, but find that some are more difficult to see than others. The connection I want to talk about here came to me in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. Let’s start with a little basics about the movement of the planets. Getting the basics out of the way will help with the final explanation.

When I normally think of the planets moving around the sun I see in my mind a flat disk of planets revolving around a stationary star, our sun. Everything neatly just rotates around the sun and nothing ever changes, because nothing ever moves out of its given path. That was my view my whole life. But then people started posting videos of how the whole solar system really behaves and I was stunned. I have watched videos like the one below 20-30 times, and I still have to keep watching them to get it to sink into my head. It challenges everything I have ever thought about how our planets and our sun behave.

I have included a video from here so you can see for yourself how this all works. There are many such videos out there. You just have to look them up. Sound is not needed, but there is some music in the background.

Power in the Sun/Son

Knowing now that the sun is also moving at tremendous speed through the galaxy, and that its gravitational pull is literally dragging the rest of the solar system along with it on its journey around the galaxy has effected me in a profound way.

Let’s look at the Sun/Son in a spiritual light. The planets of our solar system are held in place through a delicate balance of size, distance, and gravitational pull. Interfere with any one of these things and the planet or body in question would eventually crash into the sun or be left behind as the sun speeds away from our current location. That balance is everything in maintaining what we currently have in our solar system.

Now look at the center of our life as the Son, not the sun. We rotate around the Son of God through a delicate balance of obedience and commandments. We circle the Savior as our giver of life, our light, and our guide, just as the planets circle the Sun as the dominant power in the solar system. The planets don’t have a choice in their behavior, for physical laws dictate their behavior. We do have a choice. We maintain our balance with the Savior through our obedience to his commandments, and that is voluntary.

Christ doesn’t require us to do anything mystical, magical, or grand. He only asks that we obey the commandments he has given us. His promise to us is that through our obedience to his commandments he will exalt us and return us to live with our Father in Heaven one day.

In my mind’s eye I see the sun in the video speeding through the cosmos with the planets in tow. All they have to do is maintain their balance with the sun and the sun does all the work of taking them where they need to go. And just so, when we circle around Christ, and keep our face to the Savior through our obedience to his commandments, he performs the work of salvation in our behalf that we can’t do for ourselves. We follow him where he leads us on our path back to God. He is the greatest power source in our lives, providing us with everything we need. He asks nothing too difficult for any one of us to do, and in return he promises to return us to God.


The key in all this is balance. When we keep focused on the supreme power in our universe, and to us that is Christ, he does what only he can do, he takes us on the journey back through time and space to live with our Father once again. We don’t have to worry about all the hard things involved in that process. All we need to do is make sure we keep Christ at the center of our life. When our life revolves around the love and power of Jesus, the Son of God, we can view our journey home like we see in the video of the Sun taking the whole solar system on their common trek through the galaxy. The Sun/Son is the power by which all life and action takes place in the solar system, and it is the Sun/Son that directs their journey through space.

How difficult is it to keep our balance with the Son as the center of our life? James 1:27 defines pure religion this way.

27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

There is nothing so complicated in serving others that anyone can complain that salvation is too hard to achieve. When we keep the commandments and stay away from the influences of the world by serving others and putting the needs of others before our own, we have done what God wants us to do. Making and keeping priesthood covenants then spending our lives caring for one another is all it takes to keep in balance with the Son of God. That balance is what will carry us through our journey back home, for that is where Christ’s atoning sacrifice is designed to carry us.

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Our Savior Is Like Our Sun