A Little Book of Ministering

The purpose of A Little Book of Ministering is to help us become more comfortable with the idea of ministering to, rather than just serving or helping our neighbor. Ministering is as much about our mindset as it is about what we do. Doing good is not always enough. Doing the good that is needed by our neighbor is what we should focus on. This is how the Savior ministered to those around him, and this is how the latter-day prophets have demonstrated ministering to us.

All of our blessings in the gospel come from the covenants we make, and all covenants are made available to us through the priesthood. Each of us need to focus on increasing the power of the priesthood in our life. “... Having authority to use the priesthood of God doesn't produce power in that same priesthood. Power in the priesthood is created through righteous living, covenant keeping, and the application of faith in the priesthood held.” This is the same for a woman as it is for a man who is ordained to an office in the priesthood.

The purpose behind ministering to others is to learn to think, feel, and behave as the Savior. When we learn to forgive, be patient with others, and seek for their welfare at all times, we become holy as a people, and instead of worrying about having to go to holy places for refuge, we will make holy the places we are in.

Book Contents

Lesson 1 - Ministering Like a Prophet

Ideas for effective ministering from a master minister, President Thomas S. Monson

Lesson 2 - The Mindset of Ministering

Ministering is as much about how we think as it is about what we do. This is from a talk by Elder James E. Faust.

Lesson 3 - Our Motivations for Ministering

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin addresses why we minister, and what we are supposed to get out of it.

Lesson 4 - How to Obtain Priesthood Power

EVERYONE can gain power from the priesthood. We can't effectively minister without it. This is from a talk by President Russell M. Nelson.

Lesson 5 - How to Receive Blessings from the Priesthood

This talk is from President Russell M. Nelson. All our covenants and blessings come from the priesthood.

Lesson 6 - How to Give a Priesthood Blessing

Unlike most other articles on blessings, this lesson talks about how to receive the revelation part of a priesthood blessing.

Lesson 7 - Ministering Is Made Perfect in Love

Ministering without love is an empty gesture. Effective ministering is an act of love. This talk is by Elder Massimo De Feo.