God's love

Too often we put our trust and fear into the power of men, whom the Lord refers to as withered grass before the sun.

These chapters come from week 40 of the Old Testament study of Isaiah for 2022. They comprise the scriptures for Day 1 – The Future is Bright for the Lord’s people. These chapters are one continual demonstration and declaration of God’s love for His people.

The discussion of the material for this lesson is in the commentary on the lesson here. This side-by-side discussion of these chapters is meant to clarify, and make more plain, the language Isaiah uses as he speaks to us the words of the Lord as the Lord refers to himself. The Lord’s message to Israel, and the world, is one of hope and joy, as well as an explanation of why Israel will have to suffer for a long, long time before that joy is made a reality.


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commentary for Isaiah 50-52.

Isaiah 50-52 – CFM Week 40-2022 – He Hath Borne Our Griefs – Day 1