Find great resources for all things LDS. This list is not exhaustive, but it does have some great starting points for exploring the online world of Mormon Church culture.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – This is the official site for the LDS (Mormon) Church. All of these other sites can be gotten to by going through Don’t forget to watch or listen to General Conference in April and October on! – This is a great place to learn about our values and basic beliefs. They put up new information regularly, so check back often. – This is the place to find all the latest breaking news from the LDS Church. This is also where Church-wide announcements will be posted on political and social topics. – You will find whole collections of videos produced by the Church on families and for children and youth. This is a great place to go to feel good. A great subset of videos at the mormonchannel are the mormon-messages. I HIGHLY recommend them! They are here —> Mormon Messages – Ever wonder how to search out your relatives and ancestors? This is the place to start. No one on the planet has a collection of family records like the LDS Church. Follow the simple instructions and they can have to finding your ancestors in no time.

The Apostles bear their witnesses. Wonderful collection of video testimonies from the Apostles.

Music – This will connect you to some of the best choral performances in the world. It is difficult to rival the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for quality of sound and quality of music. – Sally DeFord writes music, but she doesn’t stop there. Her music is for you, the LDS musician! You can download the pdf scores and use them for solos or choir or whatever you like, at no charge. Evidently Sally has been doing this for quite a while. I personally have participated in one of her versions of a hymn that was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking to listen to. Please follow her usage guidelines, and let all your friends know about the Sally DeFord resource.

Materials for the Auxiliaries – This site has been around for many years, and has an extensive collection of projects, lessons, handouts, printables, you name it, for families, Relief Society, Primary, Cub Scouts, etc. Great place to explore. Look for their pins on as well.

Supportive Sites for the LDS (Mormon) Community is owned by The I Believe Podcasts are hosted by Karen Trifiletti. “I Believe: Expressions of Faith is extended to all interested truth-seekers–agnostics, religiously unaffiliated, spiritual but not religious, intellectually struggling, friends of all faiths seeking to know about life’s meaning, Christianity, or Christ’s Church.” is owned by This is a collection of (generally) weekly blogs by LDS people, and curated by Terrie Bittner. Each blogger has a subject the like to write about. It is a great place to find fresh perspectives from people’s lives. The author of, Kelly P. Merrill, also writes for Check it out!

If you would like to recommend a site, just leave a comment below and I will take a look at the website.