fathers blessing
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Any Melchizedek priesthood holder may give a father’s blessing to his children. Father’s blessings are commonly given for signature events, like going away to school, going on missions, starting a new job, going into the military, leaving home, etc. They are also appropriate when the child is facing challenges in their personal life and can use some guidance. It is appropriate to record a father’s blessing for personal use only. The contents of a father’s blessings are not included in Church records.

 A worthy Melchizedek priesthood holder may also give blessings of counsel and comfort to his wife and others who may request such blessings. If the Melchizedek priesthood holder needs a blessing the appropriate people to call for a blessing are the family’s home teachers.

 A blessing of counsel or comfort can be given by just one priesthood holder, but other Melchizedek priesthood holders can join in if desired. No oil is required for this type of blessing. Those participating in the blessing lay their hands on the head of the person receiving the blessing, and the one giving the blessing follows the steps as outlined below.

 Below is a 3 x 5 card you can print on heavy paper or card stock and cut out to take with you as a reference. The steps listed on the card are word for word from the Church’s website.


Fathers Blessings – This work around to print the 3×5 card is not elegant, but should work. My apologies. Open the PDF file from the link and print page 2.

Father's blessing