dedicate grave
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Performance of this ordinance requires authorization from a priesthood leader who holds the appropriate keys or who functions under the direction of a person who holds those keys.

A person who dedicates a grave should hold the Melchizedek Priesthood and be authorized by the priesthood officer who conducts the service. To dedicate a grave, he uses the steps outlined below.

Below is a 3 x 5 card you can print on heavy paper or card stock and cut out to take with you as a reference. The steps listed on the card are word for word from the Church’s website.


Dedicate a Grave

If the family prefers, a graveside prayer rather than a dedicatory prayer may be offered.

If a Church member’s body is cremated, the presiding officer may use his judgment in determining whether to dedicate the place where the ashes are kept. He takes into account the desires of the family, local customs, and local laws. If the place is dedicated, the priesthood holder may adapt the instructions for dedicating a grave.