Korihor exposed
Week 29 is scheduled for study July 15-21, 2024. This week we compare the virtue of the word of God with the teachings of the anti-Christ Korihor. This is Korihor exposed.

Day 1

Alma 30:6-31 – The adversary tries to deceive me with false teachings.

I find it interesting that when the only Christian church available was that which was full of false teachings and ideology, the kings and queens vied with one another to demonstrate their devotion to God. It was important that the world saw them as deeply devoted, for the Christian religion ruled their world. Now that the Lord has restored His gospel, the kings, queens, and leaders of nations disavow any relationship with religion almost entirely. The world has mostly abandoned any religious connections, relying on their own wisdom to govern the nations of the earth.

We see this abandonment of religion in many ways. It used to be, just 50 years ago, that when a statement was made there was an underlying assumption of religion or religious principles. Now the same people and disciplines make their statements and the underlying assumption is that there is no God, and that their statements are the supreme authority on any subject. We see this in almost all academic disciplines. The archeologists deny the truth of scripture, because God didn’t leave a trail of physical proof of His scriptures to verify that the scriptural claims of God’s dealings with His children actually happened. Now the scriptures are referred to as the mythology of the Christian faith. We are considered no different than those who believed in Zeus or Medusa, the snake-haired woman.

Instead of religion adding validity to a ruler’s claim to rule, now being religious is considered a sign of moral or mental weakness. Being openly religious is a professional handicap in the eyes of the world. Remember that religion is considered something that is made up, not real, so those who wish to run a country or large corporation and claim to believe in the fairy tales of religion cannot be trusted to make sound decisions.

This worldly view of religion has invaded and pervades everything in our society. Most of the movies being made have either overt or underlying views that discredit anything religious. The views of the world are now preached in the place of religious doctrines of yesteryear. Whatever the current view of what is politically correct is what we have taught to us over the airwaves, media, advertising, print, and in the education of our young. If we don’t see this for what it is, we will one day wake up to find our children embracing the teachings of the world wholeheartedly and we will wonder what happened.

It is easy for us to be deceived by the subtle and even not-so-subtle teachings of the world that are actually anti-Christ. All of the world’s teachings are anti-Christ, for they teach and assume that Christ didn’t/doesn’t exist. This means that literally everything the world assumes is truth or fact must be questioned, and evaluated by the Christian for us to decide if we should accept it at face value or if we can accept it with the understanding that there is error in their underlying assumptions. This makes life much harder than it used to be just 50 years ago. We must now be wary of almost everything that is said and done, because almost all that is said and done is anti-Christ in one way or another. We can never let down our guard.

Review the teachings of Korihor. When you do it should sound very familiar, because all of what he taught is being taught in the world today as the assumed truth of life. We all live in a society that is governed by the teachings of Korihor. And remember that Satan taught Korihor what he should preach. This tells us that Satan is in control of today’s world, for the world has accepted his doctrines. And they are very good at promoting those doctrines.

I strongly urge you to read or listen to the talks by Gary E. Stevenson and Dallin H. Oaks listed in the manual on page 145.

Note that each time someone comes to convince the people that they are following the wrong way and should turn from God, they use flattery. As I thought about this practice it occurred to me that perhaps I should look up the word. Here is the definition of the verb “to flatter” as found in Dictionary.com. This is the technique employed by all of the Adversary’s messengers. Even Korihor was flattered to have a visit by a messenger who came as an angel of light.

To flatter someone –

  1. to praise insincerely, esp in order to win favour or reward
  2. to show to advantage
  3. tr to make to appear more attractive, etc, than in reality
  4. to play upon or gratify the vanity of (a person)
  5. tr to beguile with hope; encourage, esp falsely
  6. tr to congratulate or deceive (oneself)

There is no definition of flattery that is free of the taint of deception. Think about it.

Day 2

Alma 30:39-46 – All things testify of God.

Education makes hypocrites of us all. There is no way you can learn of the details of a discipline of the life or planetary sciences, or any other science dealing with the natural world, and honestly state that there is nothing that indicates there may be a supreme designer behind it all. The evidence for the existence of God is just too overwhelming. To say otherwise requires a flat denial of obvious truth. If we are uneducated it is understandable that we might wonder how all things denote there is a God. But to have studied the intricacies of living things or of the world and the planets, and then say there is nothing to indicate there is a God, is just intentional blindness pure and simple.

Day 3

Alma 30:56-60 – The adversary does not support his followers.

I don’t know how other people feel about the Adversary, but I have difficulty with the notion of someone who has no redeeming virtues, no love, no kindness, compassion, nor forgiveness. It is far easier for me to imagine someone, like God, who has all of those things in abundance than to imagine someone who has only hatred and derision in their soul. It is interesting that I have such a difficult time with this concept when the scriptures have instance after instance to back it up.

Korihor used flattery to turn people away from the truth. Satan used flattery to turn Korihor away from the truth. And when Korihor was finally punished by God, Satan sat back and probably laughed that he had so thoroughly duped Korihor and gotten away with it. Actually, I don’t think Satan thinks he is getting away with anything. He knows full well that he will answer to God for everything he does in the eternities. Right now he is just so full of bitterness of soul that he is going to make sure we all suffer as much as he can make us suffer.

As God is faithful, Lucifer is duplicitous, a betrayer. As God is kind, Lucifer cares nothing for our comfort. He seeks our suffering. As God is loving, Lucifer is filled with anger and is always seeking revenge. The great lie in our life is that anyone loves us more than God, that anyone’s love can replace God’s love in its power and influence. No one can or does do more for our welfare than our Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus the Christ. Just as there is opposition in all things, the one being equal to the other in purity or pollution, so too is Lucifer’s hatred as pure in its malevolence as God’s love is pure in its tenderness.

An eternal truth that is not often discussed is that Satan’s influence cannot extend beyond the day of Judgment. He in incapable of making eternal promises like God does. Everything that comes from and originates with Satan is earthly and temporary. He can grant power and influence, but it only lasts as long as he wants it to last. But in any event it always ends at death. He may make us promises that sound wonderful in the moment, but those promises are never any better than temporary band-aids before they are ripped off exposing the open wound underneath.

Day 4

Alma 31 – God’s word has the power to lead people to righteousness.

God’s word, His scriptures and the words of the prophets, are filled with love, hope, and kindness. The manual says that it may have seemed that the separation of the Zoramites from the rest of the Nephite people may have seemed like it needed a political solution. The problem with political solutions are that they only address administrative things, not the attitudes that cause behavior in the first place.

When the prophet looked at the behavior of the Zoramites he saw that they were behaving according to their new beliefs. If they were to behave in any other way they would need to feel differently before they could behave differently. This was not something a government could change.

As parents rear their children they discover that discipline and rules only go so far in shaping the behavior of a child in a positive way. To really have a lasting positive impact on a child the parent must use love and the word of God to shape their attitudes and desires for good. Only in that way will they willingly, and on their own, seek to do and be good as adults. They must experience the conversion to God’s ways on their own without it being imposed upon them through rules and regulations.

God’s word, the scriptures are powerful not because they are magically imbued words that have power in and of themselves. The scriptures are written with common words. But the scriptures come endowed with the power of the Holy Spirit. As we read and ponder those “common words” the Spirit touches our mind and heart and opens the eyes of our spiritual understanding. He reveals truths to us that may not even be hinted at in the words on the page. This is why the scriptures are so special. They are the tool God has ordained for the Spirit to teach His children of eternal ways and attitudes. Nothing else in the world can do what the scriptures are able to do naturally. I say naturally, because God decides how nature behaves through the rules and laws He makes when nature is created. It is God who decided how the scriptures would be used to teach His children, so the scriptures do what they do “naturally.”

Day 5

Alma 31:5-6 – Because of Jesus Christ, anyone can change.

Christ’s mission to God’s children is that of the healer to the sick. His role in our life is to heal all that is broken or out of place. He makes us whole. Nothing and no one else can do what Jesus does. His role as the divine healer is what he was ordained to accomplish through his atoning sacrifice. It is through his atonement for our sins that we are able to find forgiveness, to recover and be repaired from the damage we do to ourselves or have suffered at the hands and behaviors of others. He is the great “fixer.”

The only catch in receiving the healing ability Christ offers is that we must come to him and do things on his terms to receive his healing. We cannot call the shots, set the terms, or decide how and when he is allowed to do what we want done. If we want to be healed by the Great Physician we must come to him on his terms and live up to his conditions. No wound is too great, no hurt is unrecoverable. No one is left out or is unworthy of his grace. He welcomes all, invites all, beckons all to come to him. His love is without bounds and his mercy is endless.

The only thing we need to keep in mind is that we are on a time schedule. We only have so much time to make up our minds and set in motion his laws of healing. If we put it off too long then it will become everlastingly too late to take advantage of his generous offer to heal us. There is nothing he cannot and does not want to heal, but it is up to us to decide we will do what is needed to be healed.

Personal Study

The ability to choose – (This is a personal observation)

In Jerusalem in Lehi’s day, and all the days before him, you were a Jew and you honored the law of Moses. Period. There was no option for not being religious and adhering to the law of Moses. If you chose not to participate you were cast out of Jewish society. No one would talk to you, do business with you, or acknowledge you. This appears to be the norm with the Nephites as well, until the reign of Mosiah and the return of Alma and the people of Limhi.

Mosiah allowed Alma to create churches (congregations of believers) who lived the law of Moses, but who taught of Christ and believed in the coming of Christ. Now there was a separation of believers and non-believers. I’m sure the believers continued to practice the law of Moses, but I don’t know about those who didn’t belong to their church.

Mosiah created a law that is outlined and explained in Alma 30:7-9.

Now there was no law against a man’s belief; for it was strictly contrary to the commands of God that there should be a law which should bring men on to unequal grounds.

For thus saith the scripture: Choose ye this day, whom ye will serve.

Now if a man desired to serve God, it was his privilege; or rather, if he believed in God it was his privilege to serve him; but if he did not believe in him there was no law to punish him.

Joshua’s statement from the Old Testament about being able to choose what we believe is the basis for the Nephite law that kept all men on an equal footing before the law of the land. All people were allowed to choose either to believe in Christ or believe something else. This made everyone equal in that regard. Unlike the Jews in Jerusalem from Joshua’s day to Lehi’s day, the Nephites were now allowed to practice their religion or toss it aside, and no one could punish them for doing so. This explains why Korihor and all the anti-Christs who followed him stuck to professing their beliefs, for they could say what they wanted, but only as long as it fell under the protection of their beliefs. They just saw an opportunity to make money or gain power by preaching their own special brand of belief, something they couldn’t have done before Mosiah’s reign.

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